In Cinebench, GPU (system requirement) what does it mean?

Cinebench and GPU system requirements are related to how well your computer can run a specific software program for benchmarking purposes. Here’s a breakdown of the terms:


  • Cinebench is a software program by Maxon used to benchmark a computer’s performance, particularly its CPU (Central Processing Unit) capabilities. It simulates complex 3D rendering scenes and measures the computer’s speed in completing those tasks.

GPU (Graphics Processing Unit):

  • A GPU is a separate processor within your computer specifically designed for handling graphics and video processing. While CPUs can handle some graphical tasks, GPUs are much more efficient for rendering complex visuals, 3D graphics, and video editing.

System Requirements:

  • System requirements refer to the minimum specifications your computer needs to run a particular software program smoothly. These specifications typically include details about the CPU, GPU, RAM (Random Access Memory), and operating system.

In the context of Cinebench and GPU:

  • Recent versions of Cinebench (like Cinebench R24) have incorporated GPU rendering capabilities alongside the traditional CPU test. This means the program can leverage the power of your graphics card (GPU) along with your CPU for the rendering tasks.
  • While Cinebench can still function primarily using your CPU, having a good GPU can significantly improve the benchmark scores, especially in the GPU rendering test.

When looking at Cinebench system requirements, you might see information about:

  • Minimum CPU requirements: This specifies the baseline CPU processing power needed to run the software.
  • Recommended CPU requirements: This suggests a CPU that would achieve better performance in the benchmark.
  • Optional GPU requirements (for recent Cinebench versions): This might specify the minimum or recommended GPU capabilities for utilizing the GPU rendering test in Cinebench.

In summary:

  • Cinebench is a benchmarking tool that can test both CPU and GPU performance (in recent versions).
  • System requirements for Cinebench will specify the necessary CPU and potentially GPU capabilities for smooth operation.
  • Having a good GPU can enhance your Cinebench scores, especially in the GPU rendering test